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January 1, 2009

What’s in a name?

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I had been contemplating about having a repository online ,  where i could dump stuff i had collected over the years. I was discussing about this with my friend and he suggested  – why not have an online blog where you can post some of our learnings as well. Idea conceptualized and implemeted.

What’s with the name?  – Triage is actually a medical term used during the WW – II where the doctors would classfy the wounded as – Critical( if not given treatment may die), Urgent(Can treat, will survive) , High(can take time to treat) & Low( if no treatment is given also the person will pull through).

Our Software Industry is a borrowed industry, borrowed everything from other industries. Well then this comes as no surprise that we triage the bugs based on thier criticality for shipping.

So with this analogy, just wanted to stay away from testers who think they are colored – white , black & gray box testing.  I see more to this, why people are talking about only “one” box ? I can see many boxes, many dimensions to model the test space ….I am trying to go beyond “primitive” model of “one box” … so that I can learn more about constraints, system interactions and hence make testing more informative.

Just my thought, could differ. Drop in comments!!!


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