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January 15, 2009

Test Plan – Must have’s

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Test plans should be concise and include the following:

·         List of features being tested.

·         Approach/strategy to testing each feature concentrating on how and why.

·         Categories of tests applicable to each of the features (ex. Functionality, boundary, negative, security, migration/upgrade, performance, stress, loc/glob, end to end scenario tests etc.)

·         Test plans should have some level of detail regarding the test cases. The level of detail can differ but at a minimum test plans should have details regarding equivalence classes of tests. Test plan owner should have the details regarding individual tests for BVTs and L1s available when test plans are reviewed.

·         Use of TCO (test case outlines) and matrices (spreadsheets) for describing and showing the combinations and hierarchy of the testing efforts – e.g. migration, setup, config, topology is highly recommended.  Testing matrices are much better communication device than a paragraph of words.

·         Exceptions or enhancements to platforms, languages, and dependencies should be noted in the feature level test plans.

·         Test plans should mention tools which are needed for testing the feature/area, either existing tools which will be used or new tools which will be built.

·         Test plans should include the topologies being tested, resources needed such as hardware (existing or need to be acquired), collaboration needed between team members internal or external.

·         Test plan should include what is not being tested.

·         Test plan should include the risks involved.

·         Test plan should make the assumptions made very clear

·         Test plan should help facilitate bottoms up scheduling for the test effort. Test plan owner needs to work with her lead to ensure that the cost for testing her area is reflected accurately in the project level schedule.

·         Cost to develop new tools is an important consideration in test planning and needs to be included as part of overall test estimate and schedule.

Links to relevant documents Functional specs, Design documents can be included in the test plans


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