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January 16, 2009

Test case levels

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Level 0 – (Acceptance test – a.k.a BVT)

L0s passing would indicate a valuable build to use for extended testing.

  • BVT (Determines the usefulness of this build to test).
  • Area Base valid Functionality tested at breath.
  • May contain L1 classified Cases as determined by the feature team.
  • Typically Automated (No manual)


Level 1 – (Validity Testing – Product/Application works)

 L1s passing would indicate valuable build for internal customers/partners.

  • Area valid Cases tested at depth.
  • Base Integrated System Tests
  • Breadth Pass


Level 2 – (Invalid/Error/Boundary Testing)

L2s passing would indicate valuable and robust build for internal customers/ partners. Build behaves acceptably when used incorrectly.

  • Extended Integrated System Tests
  • Boundary Conditions
  • Invalid/Error Condition
  • Automated or Manual


Level 3 – (Extreme – Robustness Testing)

Product/Application may still ship, even if a problem was found with this type of test, depending on the scenario. Level 3 testing is very important for understanding the true quality of the product.

  • Depth/Robustness Stabilization
  • Complex repro – Unlikely extreme scenarios.
  • Fail and recover scenarios (denial of service – security breech..)
  • Fault Tolerance.
  • Ad / Hoc – Gorilla testing.
  • Extreme deployment and load scenarios.
  • Extreme Stress/Extreme Scalability

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