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January 23, 2009

Test Team deliverables

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The specific deliverables may vary from project to project. Below is just a guideline.


Product Definition Process: Early Product Planning – Plan out what we want

  • If not current delivering a product QA should be developing knowledge about
    • New Technologies the product will be based on
    • Customer segment to be addressed
  • Requirements: Nail down product and project requirements(Functional specifications)
    • High Level QA  Plan (testing practices, tools, approach, standards, tools) – QA Mgr
    • High Level Resource estimations based on Feature lists – QA Mgr
    • Review Test Plan template and propose any changes
  • Design:  Design the architecture and testing of the product (Design Documents and Test Plans)

o   Test Specs complete, reviewed and signed off

o   Bottoms up test schedules created and reviewed

o   BVTs and Automation designed

o   Security Testing Planned

o   Globalization/Localization Test Planned

o   Performance / Scale Testing planned

  • Implementation: Code the product/application (Code Complete)
    • BVTs created and automated
    • All BVTs pass 100% on 100% of features
    • Basic end-to-end scenarios pass
    • Test cases defined
    • Release Criteria Created and Signed off
  • Verification: Stabilize the product (Stabilization/Technical Preview)
    • Test automation complete
    • Security test pass
    • Globalization / Localization Validation
    • First Performance and Soak Validation
    • Evaluate Code Coverage and add Cases where needed
    • Customer Support / help and Evaluation of problems found in field
  • Evaluate the product (Beta)
    • Review Test Coverage and enhance test sets where needed
    • Expansion of platform on which automation is run
    • Large Scale Deployment Validation
    • Design change Requests
      • Speclette Reviews
      • Test Planlette creation
      • Cost Estimation
      • Approval
      • Test Execution
    • Customer / Support and Evaluation of problems found in field
    • Documentation Reviews
  • Release Candidate:  Produce Release candidate and drop to end users
    • Customer Support / Support and Evaluation of problems found in field
    • Continued automation
  • Ship the product (RTM, RTW, RTS)
    • Release Validation
    • Prepare for Sustained Engineering Handoffs
  • End of Life Process Post-RTM – Clean up and distribution.
    • Automation handoff to Sustained Engineering
    • Support Sustained Engineer
      • Regression support for enhanced feature request
      • Problem identification for problems found in field 

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