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January 25, 2009

Automation – Do’s & Don’ts

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On an average a majority of the Cases in a given project are automated. Hence proper thought should be given to general practices involved with automation. Automation in the current infrastructure involves using a test case manager, a test harness, logging infrastructure and lab hardware. Good automation requires the above components be as robust as possible. It also requires test code developers to follow the best practices outlined here.



Do not develop tests specific to the hardware.

Do not use custom harnesses unless approved by your lead.

Tests should not require a reboot of the machine.

Avoid restarting services.

Avoid sleep statements in test code.

Test Cases should not result in false failures or passes.

Do not implement the harness’s functionality in your test code.

No hard coded dependency on external resources.



Validate that the tests run on a typical lab machine.

Use the templates provided by the operations team for test development.

Develop with the harness provided by the operations team.

Use the layered approach. Driver and functionality components.

Case s should be self verifiable.

Case s should behave deterministically.

Case s should use setup and cleanup functions.

Random data generation should generate predictable/same values for the same seed.

Ensure that Setup function can be called consecutively without any side effects.

Tests should run on all supported hardware.

Tests should always return a result


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