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February 10, 2009

Test Automation Methodology

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Identification of Automation Objectives/Test Requirements Study

Ø  Understanding the objectives of Automation for design of an effective test architecture

Ø  Understanding of the test requirements/application requirements for automation

Test Automation Strategy Document

Identification of Tool

Ø  Normally done in the proposal stage itself

Ø  Application of Tool Selection Process of eTest Center to arrive at the best fit for the given automation objectives


Script Planning & Design

Ø  Design of Test Architecture

Ø  Identification of Reusable functions

Ø  Identification of required libraries

Ø  Identification of test initialization parameters

Ø  Identification of all the scripts 

Ø  Preparation of Test design document – Application of Naming Conventions

Ø  Test Data Planning

Design Document

Test Environment Setup

Ø  Hardware

Ø  Software – Application, Browsers

Ø  Test Repositories

Ø  Version Control Repositories

Ø  Tool setup


Development of Libraries

Ø  Development of libraries

Ø  Debug/Testing of libraries

Phased delivery if applicable

Development of Scripts

Ø  Development of scripts

Ø  Debug/Testing of scripts

Phased delivery if applicable

Development of Test Suites

Ø  Integration of Scripts into test Suites

Ø  Debug/Testing of Suites

Test Suites & Libraries

Deployment/Testing of Scripts

Ø  Deployment of Test Suites

Test Run Results, Defect Reports, Test Report


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